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Dhaouadi Zohra


Management informatique

I am Dhaouadi Zohra, I'm an IT engineer manager and an industry 4.0 researcher.
Graduated from the Private University of Engineering and Technology, ESPRIT, and currently, a second-year master's student in "Cyber-Physical system Engineering CPSE" within Arts et métier, ENSAM University in France, specialized in the field of industrial digital transformation technology management 4.0.
The combination of research and engineering has allowed me to set goals, direction, and strategy. Establishing and maintaining my career expectations and ensuring that I have a clear and unified vision of my future projection, understanding the goals and expectations of my progress. My IT knowledge and my diversified background as a dual profile in IT and industrial engineering management will be a real added value for the favor of several departments.
My experience working as an IT and industrial 4.0 project manager for a research project topics, in the Defence and Space center of the AIRBUS, for the test of their level of numerical maturity ecosystem metrics for their digital cyber-security department project of their portfolio; was where I discovered my passion to the industry 4.0, management and the statistical econometrics theories, as I have a big interest in data analysis, test, strategy, and auditing based on real-life challenges in concrete simulations of the market.
Curious and rigorous, the experiences I have acquired during my various theoretical and practical work at the university have allowed me to approach the fields of technology and industrial management engineering.
I have done my previous internship at the Federal Polytechnic University of Lausanne, EPFL, Switzerland, where I have worked in the field of innovation and entrepreneurial technology prototype for the design engineering of a real-time PowerBeaming wireless recharging of drones prototype. My main work was drafting the specifications, modelling, realising, and prototyping in agility methodology and autonomous work environment. One of the responsible elements for the detection process is the deep learning and computer vision algorithm I have developed for this project.
My experience after pursuing a research master project in the field of digital transformation technology management at the defense and space research center of Airbus, on behalf of the international NTT DATA enterprise of strategy consulting.
The subject aims to model and measure the various properties of numerical maturity dimensions and KPIs related to cyber-security products. More precisely my job consists of:
Data analysis on, KPIs collection and numerical study of cyber-security portfolio maturity dimensions and classifications. The objective is to optimize and make the KPI generation and reporting automatic, able to be visualized on a synchronized dashboard using data analysis and project management tools (Google Analytics, and forms tools, Saas, MS-Project, Mural).
Also, my ability to combine academic work and working in groups with some extracurricular positions provided me with knowledge complementary to that provided in school. These activities have helped me to develop my personality and they have strengthened my self-confidence. Thanks to my connections in the United Nations, Diplo, and RiseUganda of Geneva (Entrepreneurial and Governance), I interacted with several multi-stakeholders from various backgrounds.
My ability to speak fluently Arabic, French, English as a mother language, and the basics of German, and Spanish for communication have helped me in this regard.
Getting certified in the PMI-PMP preparation exam certification and having the chance to other several certifications with the united nations for the SDGs entrepreneurial program to develop my idea of a startup in association with the resource center of Geneva, allowed me to develop excellent technical and interpersonal skills.
Nevertheless, my experience working with Hivos as an internet policy analyst by writing and publishing articles after every international conference and getting certified from Diplo Geneva in IT governance have made an impact on my career with such potential in article writing and public speaking at multicultural conferences for different backgrounds and stakeholders.
The opportunities I had working as an instructor giving IT courses for different ages and backgrounds of students made me elaborate even more on the potential of my soft skills.
I hope to contribute with my knowledge for the best of your needs.

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