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Ambassador - Lausanne

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Lausanne, Switzerland

Job Type

Part Time

About the Role

STN ambassadors are engaged to promote and raise awareness of the network and its activities. They do so by endorsing, recommending, and referring Swiss Tunisian Network and its activities to others in their network.
Ambassadors, enable STN to leverage their broad reach and direct influence to increase brand awareness. This increased awareness drives memberships and ultimately increases stability and reputation of the network.


1. Promote the activities and services of the network: The overriding duty of an ambassador is to promote the activities and services to their followers on social media, or with other friends and acquaintances. This is done by educating people about the network services through demonstrations, videos, posts, content creation, etc.    

2. Onboard members: One of the primary responsibilities of an ambassador is to bring in new members, onboard them and keep a close relationship.

3. Participate in key events: Ambassadors may be required to attend a variety of key events including receptions, galas, and other business events to promote the network activities. They are also expected to organize events for their members.

4. Act as a model: In some cases, an ambassador may also be required to act as a model for marketing materials created by STN. This includes newsletters, social media posts, or presentations.    

5. Answer Queries: Often, the ambassador will become the first point of contact for questions from the prospective members they influence or engage with. To fulfil this duty, the ambassador should maintain a strong knowledge of the network and its activities. The ambassador should understand the vision, goals, and operations of the organization as well.

About the Company

Bringing together Tunisian and Swiss professionals from different sectors of activity, the Swiss Tunisian Network organization forms a network that provides its know-how in the development of sustainable socio-economic, cultural and educational projects between Switzerland and Tunisia.
We, young Tunisian professionals living in Switzerland, aware of the benefits of having a network to which we can belong, exchange and initiate projects, unite today through the Swiss Tunisian Network.
With several years of experience in the associative world, we wish to allow young graduates of Swiss universities to continue to engage and increase their professional network.
We also have a council of elders, and we strive to be a generational bridge and thus a platform of opportunities. Committed to a sustainable paradigm shift based on innovation with measurable impact, we aim to be among the actors of the technological revolution in Tunisia through the provision of concrete initiatives.
The Swiss Tunisian Network is a non-profit, non-political and non-religious organization.

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