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Swiss Tunisian Network (STN) is a platform for business professionals and entrepreneurs from Switzerland and Tunisia to connect, collaborate, and exchange ideas. To be eligible for membership in the STN, individuals must meet the following criteria:

•    Residency: Applicants must be a resident of Switzerland or Tunisia.

•    Professional Background: Applicants must be highly educated professionals working in a relevant field, such as Business, Technology, Manufacturing, Energy, Finance, Education, Healthcare or Entrepreneurship.

•    Business Involvement: Applicants must have an active interest in or involvement with the business community in Switzerland or Tunisia.

•    Networking Orientation: Applicants must have a strong desire to connect with and learn from other professionals and entrepreneurs in Switzerland and Tunisia.

•    Commitment: Applicants must be committed to the mission and objectives of the STN and willing to actively participate in its events and activities.

While Swiss Tunisian Network welcomes all eligible individuals to apply for membership, it reserves the right to decline membership to anyone who does not meet the above criteria.

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